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Distance Reiki Healing

Reiki healing is not limited by time or space. Distance healing (also referred to as Distance Reiki, Remote Healing, Remote Reiki, etc.) can be very effective if you are not able to be present for a full Reiki session or if there are things in your life that give you stress. With today's busy lifestyles, a distance healing session can help enhance the quality of your life (or the life of a friend or relative) without interrupting your day. It can also be helpful for chronic illness, on business trips, before speaking engagements, interviews, auditions, surgery and any other time you feel that you need extra support.

Distance healing can be used on humans, pets, collective groups, etc. It is channeled on a spiritual plane and you do not need to do anything special to receive it. If you like, we can set a mutually agreeable time for the session and you can sit in a quiet place to receive the energy. People often feel that they prefer this, but it is not necessary.

Numerous scientific studies related to Reiki and other energy healing have been done. To review some of these, please review our Frequent Questions page or this Google search.


A distance healing session lasts about 15-20 minutes and costs $25. If I feel that the energy needs more time, I will channel its flow for as long as it is needed at no additional cost. Request a Reiki Distance Healing »