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Private Reiki Sessions

Private Reiki sessions are held at your location or in my office. If you prefer the session at your location (home, office, hospital, nursing home, etc.), please be sure it is quiet and you will not be distracted.

Reiki's Uses

Reiki is helpful in a wide variety of ways:

  • stress reduction
  • energy balancing
  • past life healings
  • spiritual healings
  • improving recovery from illness and speed healing
  • reducing the negative side effects of medical treatments
  • easing pregnancy and labor
  • intensive and coronary care patients
  • out-patient clinic care
  • hospice facilities and hospice in-home services

Also, please read the Frequent Questions page for additional information.

Give the Gift of Reiki

Having a Reiki session is perhaps one of the best ways to relax before or after an important life event. You can give the gift of Reiki for:

  • weddings & commitments – a gift to the bride and groom
  • new mothers – a great way to relax after childbirth
  • graduations – an excellent way to relax before the big event
  • new job – a special gift especially if the job is challenging
  • speaking engagements – helps you focus and relax your thoughts
  • facilitating healing – help balance your physical state, decrease pain, increase mobility
  • end of life care – to help your loved one move on
  • family care – especially after the death of a loved one

What to Expect

A Reiki session consists of placing hands lightly on or slightly above certain areas of your body. This is usually done first on the front and then over the back. If you cannot lie on your stomach, it can be done effectively with you lying on your side. Traditionally, these areas relate to the chakras, but if guided, I may move to other areas that need the energy. If you have specific areas that you would like me to work on, please let me know (e.g.: if you have back problems, knee problems, etc.) If you cannot lay down due to physical or space restrictions, Reiki can be done in a sitting position.

As the session progresses, I may speak to you occasionally and you should feel free to convey any feelings that you have as well. You may also drift into a twilight state of consciousness (like when you are almost asleep).

Once your session is complete, I will ask you to slowly come back to full awareness by resting for a few moments and sharing anything that you have experienced or give you additional information. The feeling of rest and relaxation after your Reiki session may stay with you for hours or even days.


Private Reiki healing sessions start at $95 for an hour (children's sessions are less). I also offer senior and long-term discounts. Reiki sessions at your location and Company Wellness & Healing Days are also available. Please contact me for details and costs.

Request a Reiki Session

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